Outlaw 10.5 Star Brian Chin Is Locked In And Ready For The World Cup

Outlaw 10.5 Star Brian Chin Is Locked In And Ready For The World Cup

One of the most unique aspects of the World Cup Finals (WCF) is that it has always been a quarter-mile event. Brian Chin is ready to take on quarter-mile racing for the first time at the WCF. Chin is bringing his 1969 Camaro Orange Juice to Maryland International Raceway (MDIR) in search of glory and a win in the Radial vs Modified class.

Those who follow Outlaw 10.5 racing know Chin’s bright orange MBRC-built Camaro and have seen it lay down some impressive passes. To compete in the Radial vs Modified class Chin is adding some weight to the car, changing the gear ratio, and bringing a whole bunch of spare parts to the WCF event.

Winning the WCF brings a certain level of prestige to any racer’s resume because of how stiff the competition is. Besides the opportunity to run the best in the world, Chin is looking forward to seeing what his hot rod can do in the quarter-mile.

“The reason I finally decided to come to the World Cup this year is because I’ve only run eighth-mile and I’ve always wanted to run quarter-mile with my current set up. In the northeast, the World Cup is a big deal and held at one of the nicest tracks we have up here. I think it will be a great opportunity for me to be on a big stage and see how fast we can actually go. I’ve watched the event on live feeds and always said one year I’ll make it to this race, this is the year I finally make an appearance,” Chin says.

The allure of laying into his car for the full length of the track is something that Chin is definitely ready for, but the WCF offers more than that to racers. Drawing in such a huge amount of spectators is going to provide Chin the opportunity to race in front of a large audience and he’s excited to put on a show for the crowd. Chin also has never been able to line his Camaro up against top-shelf import racers from around the world and he is chomping at the bit to earn some bragging rights against them.

Knowing the history of the event and the level of racers that come out, Chin is arming himself with the tools needed to do well.

“This race is going to take a lot to just be competitive and even harder to win. I have a lot of very smart people behind me and we will all need to work together to try and get the win at this race. Brandon Switzer has tuned a lot of the NHRA nitrous pro mods that run quarter-mile and he will be tuning the car for this race. He’s confident that we can run well at this event and in turn that gives me the confidence I need as a driver. The strategy is to get a good baseline in testing and the early qualifiers. Then when the conditions are the best, we will let it all hang out and try and be at the top of the qualifying sheet. That will put us in a better position for eliminations,” Chin explains.

It’s going to be exciting to see Brian Chin squeeze his Orange Juice Camaro and run the full quarter-mile at the World Cup Finals. You can catch all the action from MDIR on Speedvideo RIGHT HERE when racing begins.

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