Ronnie Hobbs Is Coming To No Mercy 10

Ronnie Hobbs Is Coming To No Mercy 10

Radial vs The World (RVW) is undoubtedly one of the toughest classes in heads-up drag racing, featuring a high level of competition. Since RVW is the last class you want to be caught bringing a knife to a gunfight, having a high-caliber machine is a must. Ronnie Hobbs owns one of the biggest RVW guns now after he purchased Daniel Pharris’ record-setting Mustang, and he’s ready to throw down at No Mercy 10.

Hobbs has been running in no-prep for the past five years with some success, however, two of his vehicles have been banned due to rule changes. To try and stay in no-prep racing Hobbs built an S-10 known as The Texas Rattlesnake, but eventually, that truck fell victim to the “stock appearing” rule interpretation. After being banned from Outlaw Armageddon this summer, Hobbs decided to check out the Midwest Pro Mod Series event during the SCSN at St. Louis and that changed his racing plans forever.

“We knew taking an all-steel, street legal car to a Pro Mod race of that caliber would be an uphill battle, but we were excited to see what the S-10 would do and how everyone would receive us. The event was awesome and the response we received was overwhelming. We mistakenly purchased the wrong lock-up torque converter which prevented us from qualifying. However, we were able to make a decent pass, recording our fastest ET and MPH with a 3.94 at 195. At this point it was clear I wanted to make a change in the direction I was going and begin running these types of events,” Hobbs says.

With the truck performing well Hobbs decided it was time to see how well it would fair in RVW trim and head to No Mercy. After receiving his wheels and tires for RVW, Hobbs realized there were going to be some issues.

“Once we installed the wheels and tires on the S-10 we knew there were going to be a lot more modifications that needed to be done to make the small tires work. Knowing that after all the work involved in the conversion we still wouldn’t be able to compete with the class of cars this event brings and knowing if we run Pro Mod next year there would most likely need to be a change of cars to compete, we felt the 2017 Mustang of Daniel Pharris would fit both needs nicely,” Hobbs explains.

The only changes that Hobbs plans on making to the Mustang is swapping out the 88mm turbos for a pair of class-legal 94’s. Before No Mercy Hobbs wants to get in the car and make some passes to get used to the increased level of horsepower and speed it brings to the table. Having a car that can compete with the best in RVW is something Hobbs loves and he’s looking forward to coming to No Mercy.

“I’m excited to be competing with this caliber of field in what is probably considered the quickest field of doorslammers in the world. My goal is obviously to win this elite race and take home the $50,000 and prove I am capable of driving a car this fast on a radial tire. However, I don’t intend to do anything stupid regardless of what my goals are or what this car has accomplished. If it’s my time, it will happen and if not we will continue to work towards that goal,” Hobbs says.

Ronnie Hobbs is rolling to No Mercy 10 ready to take on the quickest and fastest radial racers in the world at South Georgia Motorsports Park. You can watch all the racing October 17-20 live RIGHT HERE on SpeedVideo. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Edelbrock along with TCI, Fueltech, ATI Performance Prodcuts, FAST, Weld Racing, Speedwire Systems, Billet Atomizer, Texas Speed, ProCharger, LME, Race Winning Brands, Brodix, Aerospace Components, American Racing Headers, Nitrous Outlet, and Livernois Motorsports.

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