Despite his nickname, No Mercy 10 promoter Donald Long is no fan of the wet stuff.

At noon on Saturday, Oct. 19, the man most know as simply “Duck” confirmed that past and predicted rain showers have washed away any opportunity for No Mercy 10 to continue until Sunday morning at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

“It looks like the tropical storm that started late last night is going to win for today,” Long said from the SGMP control tower as he looked out over the rain-soaked track and pits. “But it looks like an awesome forecast for tomorrow, so we just have to weather the storm, so to speak. Also, if anyone bought a ticket for Saturday at No Mercy, of course we’re going to honor them on Sunday, so I’m looking forward to a great turnout tomorrow.”

Despite short periods of dry weather on Saturday morning, forecasts called for more rain late in the afternoon, so Long explained there just wouldn’t be enough time to properly prep the track afterward.

“If it rains again this afternoon–and everything I’ve seen says it’s going to–It’ll take a good five hours to get the track back in shape to where it’s safe and able to produce the kind of numbers we’re used to seeing from these guys,” Long said.

“It’s a shame we have to wait because there were a lot of great performances yesterday. We set records in Limited Drag Radial and the fastest nitrous pass by a 275 car ever, but even more important there was real tight, side-by-side racing in all the classes, and especially in RVW (Radials vs. the World).

“But the main thing is not always about setting records, but in having a track that at max effort keeps everything close and competitive and doesn’t let one combination get out too far ahead of the others. That’s what keeps people coming out.” 


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