SB Nitrous $20K Winner Take All Grudge Race

SB Nitrous $20K Winner Take All Grudge Race

Grudge racing always brings excitement when a big race is about to go down between a pair of rivals. These racers put their pride and piles of cash on the line to prove who’s superior.

Two of the baddest machines in the small-block nitrous no-time/grudge ranks right now is the bright yellow Nemesis Mustang, driven by D.J. McCain, and J.R. Gray’s Jason X Fox body.

These two powerhouse grudge camps took their rivalry to a new level at Bradenton Motorsports Park last weekend when they ran for a $20,000 pot.

The stage for this race was set during the course of the nitrous small-block no-time race at No Mercy 10, where D.J. in Nemesis met up with Gray in there final round. Gray was the odds-on favorite, since Jason X has a reputation for being one of the fastest small-block no-time cars in the country. However, Gray spun at the hit and D.J. motored on down the track for the win. To everyone but the McCain brothers, this was considered an upset, and Gray was ready to run them again to erase the loss he was handed.

What separates the wannabe grudge racers from the real-deal grudge racers is the any time, any place mentality to race for cash. Gray and the McCain brothers agreed to a rematch at Bradenton Motorsports Park during the Outlaw Drag Racing Championship just one week later. This time, there wasn’t an event-backed purse on the line…just $10,000 cash from each camp to make this grudge race worth it.

Justin “Little Country” Swanstrom happened to be at the race getting some seat time after his No Prep Kings crash and put together this video that highlights the race. During the shakedown runs, Gray seemed to have a clear advantage since he made it down the track each time while D.J. spun the tires on each hit. When it came time to run for the money, though, D.J. showed up in a big way when he stapled Gray to the christmas tree and laid down a beautiful pass, thanks to the tune-up provided by his brother, Ryan. Based on this race, it’s now just a matter of time before we see Nemesis and Jason X line up for another huge grudge race in this now-heated rivalry.


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