Striking New Limited N/T Camaro Set For Debut

Striking New Limited N/T Camaro Set For Debut

Georgia native Mike Adams and his son, Matthew, are set to join the Limited No-Time ranks with a striking new 1968 Chevrolet Camaro assembled by the team at Reese Brothers Race Cars. The Adamses, along with business partner and Radial versus The World record-holder Marcus Birt, are shaking the car down this week in preparation for its racing debut in Jackson, South Carolina next weekend.

To fit the Limited N/T class rules, the Camaro sports power from a 4.840-inch bore space big-block assembled from the carburetor to the oil pan by Gene Fulton and his team at Fulton Racing Engines. A single four-barrel Holley sits atop a cast single-plane intake manifold and aluminum heads, with a three-stage fogger nitrous system plumbed in for the added oomph. An M&M transmission backs up the power, with a torque converter to be named later as testing commences.

Up front is an A-arm style front suspension with a K-member, and a four-link out back, with Menscer shocks all the way around. Jeff Stanford at Stan’s Body Shop painted the car, and a factory-appearing vinyl roof was added to contrast the overall look of the car.

Factory reproduction panels were combined with a carbon-fiber nose, doors, and deck-lid to create a very OEM-like outward appearance.

“We had started another car from scratch and things went South with it — we had found this car and it needed some modifications to get it to fit the class rules,” Mike Adams explains. “We knew we wanted a nice car, and we looked and looked for something like this one. The chassis was already done and rolling, but we went back and changed just about everything on it. So you might say we started from scratch on it, too.”

Adams took ownership of the car around a year and a half ago and delivered it to Reese Brothers, who have been working on it steadily in the months since. The finished product is truly a work of art.

“It’s badass…it’s a very nice car,” Birt proclaims.

“We like the no-time stuff, but this car also keeps it open to where we can grudge race some,” Adams goes on to share. “We definitely enjoy the grudge racing. We want to be competitive as possible, and to be in the big world, you’ve got to have a car like Marcus has. And we didn’t want to do that….he’s already got that car, so we just want to be the best we can be in the 28-inch tire class. If something was to happen and there wasn’t a 28 class to race in some weekend, we could just go run it in a 632 class. It gives us a variety of different races we can go do. But we’re just trying to have fun and keep my boys, Matthew and his younger brother, out of trouble.”

Birt, armed with a wealth of driving experience, is going to shake the Camaro down and handle the initial driving duties while the group gets a handle on the chassis and engine, and will then hand the controls over to Matthew.

“My boys, we go down to the local track a lot. We’ve got an old street car that they’ve been driving, and we wanted to move up a little, because we’ve always had to run against racecars. We want to be lighter and be competitive. But more than anything, I want to pass racing on to the next generation….I’m just blessed to be able to help them a little bit,” Adams says.

Long-time racer and promoter Mike Hill is going to assist the camp with tuning the car, and Birt notes that KTR’s Steve Jackson, Jeffrey Barker, and Billy Stocklin, who tune his Radial versus The World car, will be only a phone call away should an outside set of eyes be needed on getting the Camaro up to speed.

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