In front of a packed house, Chris Pearce , of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin was crowned Champion of the 25th Byron Dragway World Power Wheel Standing Championships.

Immediately prior to the first of two rounds of Wheel Stand competition, Randy Simpson, Byron Dragway’s General Manager, played classic audio of the late great Ron Leek announcing past World Power Wheel Standing events over the PA. Among his many accomplishments, Leek was the founder of the World Power Wheel Standing Championships, and CompetitionPlus was fortunate to have interviewed him in 2017, in what turned out to be his last Wheel Standing event.

Pearce, a first time World Power Wheel Standing Champion, previously earned the award for Highest Wheel Stand in 2016 and 2017 in his small block Chevy powered “Chinto” Pinto. He prevailed over a murder’s row of several past champions and new contenders, seventeen entrants in total

After leading the field with an impressive 500-foot pass in Round 1, Pearce again ran in the middle of the Round 2 order.  When the tree came down, the “Chinto” stood on its bumper with all four tires off the ground out to the 100′ mark. When the Pinto began to drop its nose, Pearce goosed the throttle and had all four tires off the ground once again at 200′. From there he carried it to 590 feet in a shower of sparks upon landing.

Remaining contenders that followed simply did not what have what it took to overcome Pearce’s long wheelie. That earned Team Chinto the $10,000 Champion’s Check and the hand crafted “Wheelie King” Trophy from Byron Dragway’s B.J. Vangsness and Randy Simpson.

25th Byron Dragway Power Wheel Standing Championships Final Results

Runner Up: Jeff Wild
Third Place: Brian Ambrosini
Double Winner – Highest, Most Violent: Wes Newman 
Most Photogenic: Rick Johnson
Most Unique: Greg Broshous


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