Boost & Juice Street Car Takeover Class Presented By Nitrous Outlet

Boost & Juice Street Car Takeover Class Presented By Nitrous Outlet

It’s been pretty difficult for racers to find a class where they can run multiple power adders. At least that’s what we’ve heard. Most of the classes available are outlaw style where anything goes, including weight, tires size, and any engine combination making it impossible for a street car to be competitive.

Street Car Takeover has taken a step in the right direction and teamed up with the guys over at Nitrous Outlet to bring the racers a new class called Boost-N-Juice. This class is designed for the more extreme Latemodle EFI street cars. In order to compete in the class, the vehicle must have either a supercharger or turbocharger along with a functioning nitrous system. The drivers will be required to purge the nitrous system before each pass. While the rules are still being hammered out. David Vasser, Owner of Nitrous Outlet, said, ” This class is an excellent opportunity for boosted late-model cars to take advantage of what nitrous provides on this type of application. We are still working out all the details, but this is what we have so far.”

Boost-N-Juice Class Rules

  • $3,000 Guaranteed Payout
  • 1/4-Mile, Heads Up, .400 tree
  • Must Purge Before A Pass
  • Must-Have Nitrous and Boost
  • Full Interior, Factory Dash, Door Panels, Two Front Seats
  • Current Tags And Insurance
  • 275 Drag Radials or 28×10.5 Slicks
  • 17-inch Wheels or larger can run any tire combination.
  • Working Headlights And Tail Lights
  • Factory Frame Rails Only – No Tube Chassis
  • Factory Style Suspension In Original Location
  • No Wheelie Bars
  • Aftermarket Body Panels Are Restricted To Bolt On Hood And Rear Decklid
  • Minimum Weight Of 3300-pounds
  • Must Complete A 30-mile cruise

We are looking forward to this class and the further development of the rules. Hopefully, we will see a host of CTSVs, Camaros, Corvettes, Hellcats, and all things boosted and juiced lining up to race. Street Car Takeover has 18 events for 2020, so be sure and check out their website for a list of events in your area.

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