BOXO Tools’ Tool Boxes Use EVA Foam For Longer Life

BOXO Tools' Tool Boxes Use EVA Foam For Longer Life

As toolboxes are never cheap, people accustomed to traveling with their tools shudder when they think of the toolboxes chattering and bouncing away in the back of their truck on a 1,000-mile haul. Utilizing EVA foam inserts, BOXO USA‘s design promises to improve the lifespan of not only your toolbox, but also the tools within. Thanks to the stabilization offered by the foam inserts, wearing out the drawers, rails, and bearings prematurely is a thing of the past.

A full range of tools can be fit into the fully customizable foam trays.

In addition to the obvious ingenuity, these boxes come at very reasonable prices thanks to the comprehensive in-house design. BOXO builds the tools, the boxes, and all the hardware in-house. This means it can provide the end-user — whether it be a technician, company, or shop owner — the necessary price break. For these reasons, the boxes are priced for as little as one-third of the price for comparable boxes from the major brands.

The trays are easily grabbed to quickly relocate into a mobile cart or tool bag.

Another perk is the customization BOXO offers its customers. All the trays and exteriors can be color-coded — any color — to the customer’s liking. This color-coding is more than just an aesthetic choice; taking inspiration from aerospace, the coloring simplifies taking inventory. After all, you can’t leave a tool in an airplane without serious consequences.

The customization available for all parts involved is daydream-inducing.

There are a variety of styles available to suit every user. With its Pro Series boxes, the soft-close drawers can hold as many as 120 tools each, and the box itself can support 4,500 pounds. The easily maneuverable technician’s cart comes with a flip-top, a power outlet, and more. Customization is limitless with BOXO USA‘s toolboxes, and they’re covered by a lifetime guarantee. It sounds pretty hard to argue with.

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