Bring Extra Fuel To The Track With Titan Fuel Tanks’ SideKick

Bring Extra Fuel To The Track With Titan Fuel Tanks' SideKick

Going to the racetrack is more involved than it used to be, with racers bringing so many auxiliary items to the track that require fuel to run. With a trailer that’s already packed to the ceiling with gear, there isn’t much room for fuel jugs to run things like a generator or pit vehicle during a long race weekend. Titan Fuel Tanks has a safe solution to this fuel storage issue with its SideKick fuel tank.

Because Titan is a company staffed by enthusiasts, it saw a need for a product to safely transport flammable liquids that couldn’t fit in a trailer. The ideas started flowing, and Titan wanted to create a product that would meet or exceed EPA/DOT requirements while still being a product anyone could use. After a year of design and development work, Titan created a product that was ready to be tested in the field.

Mike Dedford from Titan covers how the SideKick tanks will help racers who are bringing a variety of items to the track that needs fuel to run.

“In racing, weight is important, and gasoline weighs a ton — six pounds per gallon — so removing that weight from the trailer and putting it in the bed of the truck will make towing better. The biggest advantage for racers is that the SideKick is mounted in your truck, it is safe, and it’s secure. You aren’t going to have loose gas cans that get dropped, borrowed and not returned, lost, etc. We all know how it is leaving the track — you think you have everything until you get home and realize that something is missing.”

The SideKick meets the maximum tank size allowed by law at 15 gallons. To help pump the tank’s contents out, Titan used its Shaker Pump, which transfers a little more than two gallons per minute. Eliminating the possibility of fire was on Titan’s mind when it started to design the SideKick, so the tank comes with the ability to be grounded right from the factory.

According to Dedford, Titan also put some serious thought into where the tank is mounted in the bed of a truck.

“The mounting of the SideKick allows you to put it in front of the wheelwells or behind; you can also mount up to four of them. The design makes it versatile for the racer. While we were in development of the tank we took into consideration that many racers tow a fifth-wheel trailer with their truck — the design of the tank allows use of any fifth-wheel hitch, and where it sits level, or below in some cases, with the top of the bedside, it will not interfere with the trailer itself in tight-turning situations.”

You can learn more about the SideKick and other products on the Titan Fuel Tanks website right here.

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