Buy Parts, Save Money. The Happy Holley Days Sale Is Here

Buy Parts, Save Money. The Happy Holley Days Sale Is Here

Once again — whether you’re ready for it or not, Christmas music will soon be taking over every store and radio station while Santa Clause look-alikes take over storefronts all over the world. What I’m getting at, is; are you ready for Christmas? Will the youngsters in your home all have presents under the tree? Of course. Did you get your wife a piece of jewelry and are ready for the big reveal? You better be. If you answered yes to all of these questions, congratulations, your Christmas shopping is done and it’s time to get something for yourself.

We all know how big that “forced” smile will be when you open that second carefully wrapped package of socks on Christmas morning, but if you want an actual reason to smile? We have just the answer to your needs. Once again, Holley has announced its Happy Holley Days promotion.

A cool t-shirt is definitely a better present than socks or a new tie.

Time is running short as the big day is fast approaching, but you still have time to take advantage of some of these great offers and get exactly what you want for Christmas.

This promotion means, while you’re looking for solace in the garage, you can have a little bit of hope staring back at you from your cell phone or tablet as you shop for all of your Holley needs. With up to 20-percent off retail prices, you could save hundreds — or even thousands of dollars on stuff you really want.

If you still need to get a perfect give for anyone else, Holley has products ranging from T-shirts to Sniper EFI systems. Heck, you could shop for someone else at, be a hero, and save money! Maybe your wife needs a little “hint” about what you want for Christmas. Let her know that nothing says ‘I love you’ more, than a new intake, carburetor, headers, or all of them for your hot rod.

Before you say your shopping list is complete, be sure and check out Holley’s website for hundreds of new products, all at discounted rates. ‘Tis the season for giving, and after all, you deserve it! The Holley Days sale lasts from November 15th through December 31st.

Happy Holley Days!

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