Chevrolet Performance’s New LSX-SC Cylinder Heads

Chevrolet Performance's New LSX-SC Cylinder Heads

With the development of turbocharger and supercharger technology, it’s easier than ever to make power in this day and age. However, as people start turning up the boost on factory engine components, parts will fail. Aftermarket companies have been building bigger and better parts to hold up to the power demands of today, and so has Chevrolet Performance with the release of the new LSX-SC cylinder heads.

We talked to Bill Martins, Special Programs Manager of Chevrolet Performance, about the new heads while at the SEMA Show. Bill said, “With the boost levels these guys are running now, we developed a new head gasket and a new cylinder head. Our new head has a 50-percent thicker deck and has been HIP’d.” HIPing is the acronym for Hot Isostatic Pressing. This process is a way of casting that gets the air pockets out while improving the mechanical properties of the components. Bill continued, “If you want to run a lot of boost or nitrous, this head is the answer.”

The LSX-SC heads are the same ones used on the supercharged COPO 350 engines from Chevrolet. It features a 6-bolt design and is based on the LSX-LS7 design but has been optimized to increase strength and cylinder sealing for engines producing 1,400 horsepower or more. Like other LSX heads, the LSX-SC’s are made out of T356 aluminum but are low pressure cast to improve density. The SC heads will be offered in three different configurations, un-machined, CNC-machined, and CNC-machined and assembled. The assembled set will include valves and beehive-type valve springs.

For more information on the LSX-SC head and other new products from Chevrolet Performance, check out their website.

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