DeatschWerks Steps Up The Coyote Fueling Game

DeatschWerks Steps Up The Coyote Fueling Game

Walking down the aisles at SEMA, it’s always nice to see a familiar face, so when we ran across the DeatschWerks booth not only were we greeted by Krista Lamb, Director of Products and Marketing at DeatschWerks, but also by a host of new products which are debuting at the SEMA Show. “These are literally the prototypes I swiped out of our tech department as we were leaving for the show,” laughed Lamb.

The first new product we saw were fuel rails for the 2017-and-up Mustang GT. “Our new fuel rails have a larger bore than any other aftermarket fuel rail, and also have a pressure reference port built-in,” said Lamb. “The fuel rails also come with the crossover hose and the required fittings.”

In addition to the fuel rails, Lamb also showed us the company’s new billet multi-pump hat for S550 Mustangs. We are calling it the X2, which is a billet aluminum top hat and billet aluminum insert, and retains the factory bucket,” Lamb explained. “It comes with two DW400s, which are 415 lph pumps at 40 psi. They are staged, so you can run both pumps, one, then two, or however you want. It also has provisions for the factory fuel level sender, too.”

With those two new components, coupled with some of DeatschWerks’ proven parts, the company will soon be offering a complete fuel system replacement kit for Coyote-powered Mustangs. “We will sell it as a complete kit – fuel rails, injectors, a plumbing kit and return conversion kit,” said Lamb. “It’ll also have filters, a pressure gauge, a return regulator and 30 feet of hose. You don’t have to buy anything else.”

As we’ve seen in recent projects, the ability to buy one part number and have the system already scienced-out will be a great benefit when building a big-power Coyote combination.

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