Defending the Torrence situation, please hear me out…


I am a torrence fan because I feel like they race straight up and don’t dive which I despise. I also like that guys like Lagana have gotten a shot to shine and it puts a new powerhouse team out there to take on JFR and DSR.

That said, Steve is a tough guy to like and it was a dick move yesterday.

Still though, I don’t understand the fan reaction to this. I feel it’s soft and just desperate Kalitta or Force fans hoping the NHRA would make an unprecedented move in docking him points for a pie face to another driver. (I wanted Doug to win the title, for full transparency, I root against Brittany). Never has happened, fighting is pretty much fair game in racing. The pro stock boys a few years ago (was that Elite and Gray Motorsports that got into it?), Milican and Herbert, John Force fighting with the Pedregons or Whit Bazemore, Tanner Gray and all that. Just let them settle it how they want to.

It’s pretty soft to want the best car all year to not win the title over a little fighting, even if it was a BS move on his part. And for people wanting them out of the sport, yeah, that’s all we need is less cars out there!


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