DEI’s New Heat Controlling Turbo Shields

DEI’s New Heat Controlling Turbo Shields

Heat is energy. But when that heat works its way into other areas of our car’s under-hood areas, it’s as useful as a school custodian looking for a place to nap. The folks at Design Engineering, Inc. have made it their life’s work to keep all that powerful heat where it can do the most good, and keep it out of areas where it doesn’t.

DEI’s new Turbo Shields use an improved blend of silicates and other heat-protection materials that keep their distance from the hot housing using stainless steel mesh.

DEI is constantly looking at ways to improve their entire line of heat-controlling products and we spoke to them in their booth at the SEMA Show to find out more about their new Gen-III Turbo Shields.

DEI’s Tom Miller shared some insights into their newest offering. “Keeping some heat in the housing is good,” he says. “But when that heat makes it into other components under the hood that aren’t designed for that amount of heat, things can get expensive fast!”

Turbos work through the heat generated by our car’s exhaust – pretty hot stuff. That heat can be harnessed to do some impressive improvements on an engine’s output. But it can be difficult to keep that same heat from soaking into many of the other components under our car’s hood that don’t rely on and can’t handle the heat like our turbos.

DEI’s new Gen-III turbo covers have been improved to better control all that heat. Its new Gen-III Turbo Shields are encapsulated in silicone and also use a stainless-steel wire mesh that provides an air-gap to the turbo’s hot surfaces. The Turbo Shield’s heat-controlling qualities come from a blend of high-temp rated silica insulation under the tight outer layer for extra added protection against turbo-generated heat.

DEI’s Turbo Shields offer direct heat resistance up to 1,800-degrees and radiant heat resistance up to 2,500-degrees Fahrenheit. Check out DEI’s latest heat-controlling products at your local dealer, or go online and check out DEI’s website.

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