Driven Racing Oil Introduces GP-1 Synthetic Engine Oil

Driven Racing Oil Introduces GP-1 Synthetic Engine Oil

There is no doubt that oil is the lifeblood of an engine. If you don’t believe us, try running one with no oil. It’s needed to reduce the friction in just about every component and increases longevity. If you own a high-performance mill or want a great engine oil for your daily driver, check out Driven Racing Oil and its GP-1 engine oil.

Driven Racing is bringing back something old to the table, Pennsylvania-grade base oil. The Pennsylvania-grade base was the oil of choice for heavy machinery, the aviation industry, and the automotive industry for many years. So, how would an oil so old bring back something new? David Chamberlin of Driven Racing Oil explains, “The Pennsylvania-grade base oil has an affinity for ferrous metals, which means this grade of base oil provides unique anti-wear properties that offer better protection, even when compared to synthetic oils.”

The GP-1 high-performance oil is formulated with the Pennsylvania-grade base oil and Driven’s high-zinc ZDDP additive package, giving you one of the best oils on the market. With GP-1 oil, you can expect to see your oil temperatures decrease by up to 15-degrees. This oil also increases power while providing better than 30-percent less wear on the engine.

If you’re looking for reduced oil temperatures, added power, and less wear on your engine, be sure and check out Driven Racing Oil’s GP-1 engine oil. You can find more information on this product and others at

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