Dynocom’s Hub Dyno Systems Deliver Safety, Accuracy

Dynocom's Hub Dyno Systems Deliver Safety, Accuracy

If you’ve spent any time perusing car videos on the web in recent years, you’ve likely caught at least a glimpse of dynamometer manufacturer Dynocom’s products and licensed technologies. Dynocom is among the leaders in chassis dyno systems, with offerings ranging from 8.75 to 48-inches in roller width. But it’s the companies’ hub dyno systems that are really gathering attention.

Racers from Pro Modified to Radial vs The World to Street Outlaws have been turning to hub dyno systems to tune and dial-in their race cars without ever leaving the shop. And the videos out there on the web have been staggering, registering north of 5,000 horsepower — a number that may have never been possible, much less safely, on a traditional roller dyno.

“The hub dyno is all about safety,” Dynocom’s Allison Blackstein begins. “There’s been a lot of videos going around with tires blowing up and straps breaking and all sorts of mayhem. You’ll never have that happen on a hub dyno, because you’re taking the wheel and tire out of the equation. The real issue when it comes to measurement is just traction — you can’t put 4,000 horsepower on a roller. 

Called the DC Pod, Dynocom offers 1,800, 3,500, and 7,200 horsepower-capable variants of its hub dynos, giving racers and performance tuners a range of options for their needs. And, because the pods are mobile, they don’t require the continual use of space or the infrastructure that chassis dynos generally require.

Dynocom has 4, 5, 6, and 8-lug adapters to cover everything from factory Hondas to monster-torque diesel trucks, and the marriage of the adapter to the hub is virtually bulletproof — making the whole system as strong as your axles.

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