E3 Lithium Batteries Raise The Bar

E3 Lithium Batteries Raise The Bar

When a battery weighs half of what a typical battery weighs — without any real downside — the eager enthusiast’s ears prick up. UltraPhosphate Technology, proven in NASCAR and Formula 1, brings a level of performance to the regular user that ought to keep them from buying another. Though used as OEM items for major marques like McLaren and Mercedes, these high-end batteries are now available to the average user through E3

By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, E3 Lithium batteries offer fantastic cycle life, high charge acceptance, up to a 60-percent weight reduction over lead-acid batteries, in addition to outstanding cold-cranking power unmatched in the industry.

Compact sizing and an extremely long life justify the price.

With the ability to act almost like a deep cycle battery, these lithium batteries can be “drained empty and recharged with no damage to the battery,” says E3 VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Joiner. This resilience means the E3 Lithium batteries should last as long as a decade.

Minimized internal sizes help offer the space-constrained user several options for overall battery sizes. The E3.Li60 weighs less than half of the lead-acid battery that it is replacing, while the E3.Li40 is even lighter! Cutting battery weight means more power, increased fuel economy, improved weight distribution, and better overall performance from your vehicle.


Whether meant for the sports car or the modern luxury machine, these batteries fit. They offer an extremely robust 12-volt platform that can accept high rates of charge while capturing and storing several times more energy, which means that the battery is highly versatile and can power both traditional 12-volt automotive systems and those that utilize regenerative braking and/or start-stop systems. This advantage is sustained over the product life and does not suffer the severe performance degradation experienced with lead-acid technologies.

Tried in arduous forms of racing, this new technology brings a level of performance the typical enthusiast isn’t accustomed to.

As fairly pricey items, these batteries feature several diagnostic systems to ensure they’re functioning at their best. Their smart on-board battery management system (BMS) electronics report real-time data to protect the battery and prevent premature failures. The integrated BMS provides cell balancing and built-in state of charge and state of health measurement and calculation which allows those manufacturers to remove intelligent battery sensors from their vehicle system.

This combination of qualities makes the E3 Lithium a battery that ought to last over a decade: more than what most own their cars for these days. Ready for the market in Spring 2020, this battery might set the owner back a bit initially, but they might keep the owner from ever having to buy another battery again. Keep an eye on the E3 website for the release date of this game-changing battery.


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