Ferrea’s New Valvetrain Components for Gen-3 Coyotes

Ferrea’s New Valvetrain Components for Gen-3 Coyotes

When it comes to the Coyote engine, there is a ridiculous amount of capability in the OEM parts. However, they do have their limits, and one place that can always use upgrading is the valvetrain – especially when you consider the strain put on the springs and valves operating with a factory 7,500-rpm rev limiter.

For those Gen-3 Coyote engines, it was more than just a bump in factory RPM, with the addition of the direct-injection system, there were all sorts of design changes to the OEM valvetrain. Luckily for enthusiasts, Ferrea Racing Components is on the case. New at the SEMA Show this year, Ferrea had their new valvetrain components for the Gen-3 Coyote on display.

“For 2020 we have our Competition Plus-series valves, which we’ll be carrying in standard size and our oversize configuration for those guys running turbochargers, superchargers, or nitrous with the Coyote,” said Zeke Urrutia, Director of Marketing at Ferrea.

In addition to valves, Ferrea is also addressing the valvesprings of the Gen-3, whether you have OE or aftermarket valves. “We’re going to be coming out with a drop-in valvespring kit that will feature a dual valvespring and a titanium retainer. It will utilize your OEM valve locks, along with a spring seat locator that goes on the bottom of the spring for the Coyote seat,” Urrutia explained.

“All of these valvetrain components are going to be great for anyone who’s running naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged or with nitrous.” Expected to be available within 30 days from SEMA, the redesigned 2018-and-up valvetrain components should make the life of Gen-3 Coyote high-performance enthusiasts a little less complicated thanks to Ferrea.

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