HPTuners Track Addict Mobile Racing App

HPTuners Track Addict Mobile Racing App

Most of us have grown up playing video games. In some cases, it’s a vital part of your childhood memory. If you’re in the automotive industry, odds are you are familiar with games like Forza, Gran Turismo, and Need For Speed, to name a few. HPTuners has developed an app that will make your in-car experience more like that of a video game.

The app is called Track Addict, and it’s available at the App Store or Google Play. Make no mistake; this is not a video game. This app takes your racing experience to the next level by turning your mobile device into a robust motorsports telemetry and video system.

With Track Addict, you will be able to see your lap times immediately while obtaining video and telemetry data. You can also analyze laps, data, and render video with data overlays.

We spoke with Nader Rayes Brand Manager for HPTuners, who said, “The MPVI2 plugs into the CAN (Controller Area Network) bus and is a datalogger, giving you all of the vitals of your car. You can then transmit that information to Track Addict on your device. The app will show you a map of the track with a birds-eye view of the course just like a video game while showing you gauges as well.” Your phone will record everything, including video, lap times, all while data logging. You can even ghost yourself to see how you did from one lap to the next. You can also compare your lap to a friend by using the ghosting feature.


  • Road Course, Autocross, Rally, Drift, 4×4, and Drag Racing
  • Race Timing + Data Logging + Analysis + Video
  • Works Almost Anywhere! 1000+ Predefined Circuits, or Add Your Own
  • Integrated GPS Lap Timer & Display with Predictive Timing
  • Sector Split Timing & Theoretical Lap Time (Circuit mode)
  • High-Definition Video Recording + Data Overlay
  • Lap, GPS, G-Force, and OBD-II Data Logging
  • Driving Line Analysis, Statistics, Data Graphs, and Run / Lap Comparison
  • Optional Live Telemetry Streaming via Live.RaceRender.com
  • Also Supports External GPS and OBD-II Devices
  • OBD-II Live Monitor, Code Scanning / Reset, and Data Logging
  • Easily exports Data and Video to RaceRender

For more information on this product and others, check out HPTuners.com.

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