Intercomp Racing Introduces Bluetooth Technology

Intercomp Racing Introduces Bluetooth Technology

Balance. It’s a part of life we should all strive to achieve. A balance between work and play is crucial. Get life out of balance and things can go awry. The same holds true with racing: Balance is instrumental to a winning combination. Thanks to Intercomp Racing, having a balanced car is a breeze.

While walking around the show, we came across Intercomp’s PC Wireless Scale Systems. The unit combines the company’s ultra-accurate billet scale pads with the tested and proven advanced RFX Wireless Weighing Technology.

“We’ve had our RFX wireless technology in the market for 10 years,” says Aaron Van Heel of Intercomp. “What we are detailing today, is that users have three indicator options. First is the hand-held, then the PC, and then you have the ability to talk to a device.”

The scale pads communicate wirelessly with the chosen indicator via RFX technology. The big news is the Bluetooth compatibility. “The system will communicate with any Andriod or iOs system via the free app,” states Aaron.

This fully integrated technology ensures a secure wireless communication, certified to 0.1-percent accuracy of the applied load, or 1 graduation – whichever is greater. The system utilizes individual pads with a 1,500-pound pad capacity (6,000-pound system). The proprietary PERCENTWEIGH Weight Percentages are displayed in hundredths of a pound. The system uses Intercomp’s RaceWeigh Software and comes with four billet scale pads utilizing an integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology to transmit data.

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