Learn To Bench Bleed A Master Cylinder With CPP

Learn To Bench Bleed A Master Cylinder With CPP

Getting a braking system ready after an upgrade or maintenance isn’t a glamorous process — in fact, it’s downright monotonous and time-consuming. There are a plethora of tools on the market, along with countless tricks out there to make the job easier, and one that some might not know about is bench bleeding a master cylinder. Classic Performance Products put together this neat video that shows how to do it, plus it demonstrates how to use its bleeder tool kit.

Depending on your vehicle space can be pretty tight where your master cylinder is located and that can make the bleeding process a challenge. Bench bleeding provides total access to the master cylinder, plus it allows you to make sure the master cylinder is level during the bleeding process. Having the master cylinder level might not seem like a big deal, but it gives you the opportunity to make sure there are no additional bubbles trapped inside.

The CPP bleeder tool kit makes the entire master cylinder bleeding process even easier with its tubes, port plugs, tube holders, and syringe. Using the syringe lets you circulate fluid into the chambers much easier and fill the ports up inside the master cylinder. You start the process by filling the master cylinder up with plenty of fluid and then injecting each port. If you don’t happen to have the syringe you can still use a screwdriver to actuate the piston in the master cylinder to move fluid during the bleeding process.

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