New Products From Granatelli Motor Sports

New Products From Granatelli Motor Sports

Getting air into an engine is just as critical as moving it out efficiently — especially when it’s supercharged. The harder the engine has to work to move air, the less power it will make. Granatelli Motor Sports had several new products at this year’s SEMA show that covered both ends of the spectrum: new throttle bodies, billet intake manifold, oval exhaust tubing, and exhaust cutouts.

Granatelli’s new throttle bodies come in a few different sizes and colors. The 103mm units are offered in anodized finishes that include red, blue, black, and a natural finish. These drive-by-wire (DBW) units are designed for LSX applications and are machined from 6061 billet aluminum. They will work on naturally aspirated as well as forced-induction applications. They have powerful electronic motors that can handle 25-pounds of boost in both blow through and draw through configurations.

If you are looking for a bigger solution, Granatelli also has a massive 108mm throttle body, which was designed for guys running big Magnuson or Whipple superchargers. The 108mm units will dramatically increase airflow across the entire RPM range and will allow for smoother and quicker engine acceleration.

Another product that we were excited to see was the introduction of Granatelli’s billet intake manifold. The new manifold is a work of art and has adjustable runners so you can change the power and torque curve of the engine just by switching them out. According to JR Granatelli, the intake manifold will accept a 92mm throttle body all the way to the company’s massive 108mm.

Feel free to check out Granatelli’s website for more information on these products as others.

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