New Super Case T350 From ATI Performance Products

New Super Case T350 From ATI Performance Products

Since the introduction of four-speed automatics, two-speed transmissions have nearly become a thing of the past. Sure, we can still find them on the dragstrip, but they are getting harder to find as the years go on. While you can run down to your local salvage yard and pick up a used unit to have it rebuilt, this might not be the best choice depending on your needs.

Due to technology and massive power adders, cars are making more steam than ever before. Big power can cause a couple of problems that are associated with junkyard transmissions. First of all, the factory transmission cases are not designed to hold a ton of power. Even with upgraded components, you are still relying on an old factory case to contain all of those moving parts. The second problem with a factory case is, you will need to run a scatter shield incase the transmission housing fails to keep all of the parts inside the transmission. Most aftermarket shields don’t fit inside stock transmission tunnels, which can cause you to cut up a perfectly good floor to get your vehicle up to specification and safe.

Fortunately, ATI Performance Products is here to save you from having to use a factory transmission case. With the ever-dwindling supply of Turbo 350s on the market, you can now purchase a brand-new housing straight from ATI. The new Turbo 350 Super Case and bell housings also eliminate the need to run a scatter shield due to the thick cast aluminum. Harvey Baker, marketing and sales associate at ATI Performance Products explains, “We started building new parts like the case, bell housing, tail housing, and pistons for this transmission so you can build a brand new transmission.”

For more information on this product and others, be sure and check out ATI’s website. 

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