Pro-Filer Heads Gets Exclusive With PBM Performance Products

Pro-Filer Heads Gets Exclusive With PBM Performance Products

Widely known for their advanced lineup of aluminum cylinder heads, and intake manifolds, Pro-Filer Performance Products has long been at the leading edge of both street and race performance. However, you don’t stay at the forefront by resting on your laurels. Pro-Filer knows this and is taking steps to stay at the head of the pack with its products.

In order to focus more on product development and manufacturing, Pro-Filer has named PBM Performance Products as the exclusive distributor for Pro-Filer cylinder heads. All of Pro-Filer’s heads will continue to be made in the USA for the small-block Chevy, big-block Chevy (in both conventional and spread-port designs), LS (with or without water passages), and small-block and big-block Fords.

To complement its line of cylinder heads, Pro-Filer also has a comprehensive lineup of intake manifolds ranging from high-performance designs intended to perform right out of the box with no additional porting required, to class-legal manifolds designed for specific drag racing competition classes, all of which feature significant amounts of engineering and development to perform at their peak.

PBM Performance Products has long been committed to bringing the best lines of products to their customers, only selling parts that are proven to provide not only the performance needed for the customer, but also to quality to make sure that performance lasts a long while. In addition to distributing other companies’ products, PBM also has its own line of components under the PBM brand, in order to fill any gaps in the product lineup.

This move should result in some cool new parts coming out of Pro-Filer along with it becoming easier for the end-user to get Pro-Filer products.

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