Redhorse Performance’s Striking AN Wrenches

Redhorse Performance's Striking AN Wrenches

Redhorse Performance‘s display at SEMA 2019 was mesmerizing. A wide array of fittings and tools (all gleaming like jewelry), stole our attention and had us dreaming about how we could spruce up our engine bays and stock our toolboxes. We took a long gander at the aluminum AN wrenches, both the double-sided wrenches and the adjustable wrenches, and our jaws dropped.

Redhorse Performance’s complete set, ranging from -04 to -16, comes anodized in black and clear.

Its double-ended aluminum wrenches made from 6061 CNC-aluminum are designed to the exact nut and socket dimensions of the RHP fittings. Wide heads reduce wrench flex or spreading to the point where it would mar the fitting — doing that to those stunning RHP fittings would be a tragedy.

As pretty as the double-ended wrenches are, Redhorse’s adjustable wrenches are the unmistakable winners of the beauty pageant. In addition to looking incredible, the easy-to-read guide on the face of the wrench shows the correct sizing for -3AN to -16AN socket and nut sizes, which save the user time and hassle when working with multiple wrenches.

The adjustable AN wrench is pure eye candy.

Additionally, V-grip jaws/channel gives the user 100-percent more surface contact compared to traditional wrenches while it secures and protects the fittings from damage and scratches. The idea is to make these gleaming fittings, wrenches, and hoses last as long as possible. Check out Redhorse Performance for all the latest fittings, hose ends, and accessories.


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