Roll & Drag Race Driver Registration Now Open for TX2K20

Roll & Drag Race Driver Registration Now Open for TX2K20

If you are wondering what would make a great holiday gift for your car guy or car gal and happen to be reading this… Online registration is open for TX2K20, slated for March 11-15, 2020, at Houston Raceway Park. 

Anyone who wishes to drive is required to preregister to compete at TX2K.

Registration for the roll race and the drag race is $250 per car; roll racing registration is limited to the first 150 cars. 

Registration for either race format is non-refundable. In the event that your car can not make it, a TX2K official may allow you to transfer an entry. Registration includes the driver gate fee and pit side premium parking for the full event.

During the event, a test-n-tune session is available for all registered TX2K racers, while the drag racing portion features different classes. 

Among the classes offered is an unregulated “exhibition class” set up to record e.t. and/or MPH without running eliminations. The class is intended to showcase shop cars, big builds, and high profile cars that are out to set records. 

The DCT class is open to any car that comes with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) from the factory and is designed primarily for vehicles such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren, Huracan, and R8, among others. 

Nissan GT-R’s can register in five different classes, each determined by the level of modification made to the car. 

To run in the 2JZ class, cars must have a 2JZ powerplant and retain its factory style front suspension with some tire size requirements. Additionally, a new class is available for the A90 MK5 Supra. 

According to TX2K, the streetcar class usually features GT-R’s, Corvettes, Porsche’s, Vipers, Supra’s, Camaro’s, and Mustangs. Still, any car is welcome to run in this class as the car can provide current proof of registration, a license plate, and valid insurance – as any street-legal car would. The rules also stipulate that the headlights and brake lights must exist and be operational, it must return from a pass on its own power, and it needs a functioning cooling system. TX2K also notes the front and rear tires must be DOT approved. 

To participate in the Stick Shift Challenge, you must run an H-pattern factory-based transmission. 

To run in the heavyweight class, the minimum weight is 4,200 pounds with a driver and one power adder or 4,400 pounds with a driver and two power adders on the motor. Additionally, everything must fit under the factory style hood – that means no cut hoods for fitment. 

Discount TX2K20 spectator tickets are also on sale. Pricing is as follows: 

  • $25 Any 1-Day Admission
  • $50 2-Day Admission (Saturday-Sunday)
  • $75 3-Day Admission (Friday- Sunday
  • $100 4-Day Admission (Thursday – Sunday
  • $115 5-Day Admission (Full Event)
  • $10 Any 1-Day Premium Parking
  • $35 Full Event Premium Parking
  • FREE Kids 12 & Under 

For more information, see TX2K. 

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