Speed Lab Creations Turbo Fouth-Gen Camaro

Speed Lab Creations Turbo Fouth-Gen Camaro

It’s a big deal to have a car displayed at the SEMA Show as a featured vehicle. What’s even more impressive, is to have a build displayed in a booth showing off a company’s products in glamorous fashion. When Vibrant Performance reached out to Jose Jimenez Jr. about having his car in the company booth just two months before the biggest car show of the year, he knew he had to get the car built — and quick.

Fortunately, Jose owns a company in Houston, Texas, called Speed Lab Creations. The shop specializes in precision TIG-welding, forced induction, and tuning — amoung other things. He knew he was up to the challenge, but time was not on his side. Jose has owned this car for a few years but has continuously put his customer’s cars first, and the Camaro languished. The forth-gen was not even close to being together, so the team spent a lot of long nights and days getting the car built in a short time. Jose says, “Really, the car came together about two weeks before the show.” And come together, it did. This race car is a fantastic display of workmanship and amazingly shows off Vibrant Performance’s products.

This is what the Camaro looked like just weeks away from the big show.

The 2000 Camaro houses a 468 cubic-inch tall deck LSX engine connected to a massive Garrett 106mm GTX Gen 2 turbo. This combination should push the fourth-gen into the 2,500 horsepower range. To cool the air charge, Jose chose an air-to-water intercooler that they built in house. The up pipe, waste gates, and charge pipe are all titanium, and the hot side is stainless steel. Naturally, Jose used Vibrant performance piping when it came time to fabricate the pieces.

For the ECU, Jose decided to run Pro EFI on the engine and use an AEM dash for data logging. TurboSmart parts were used to control the boost levels of the 106mm turbo. An FTI Level 6 Powerglide with a Pro Torque Converter transfers all the power from the boosted 468 to the Racecraft 9-inch rear. Willwood brakes were installed to halt this bad machine after it blasts down the track. For wheels, Jose used a set of Weld wheels for the front and back, but not before having them powdercoated candy red to match the rest of the carby Coating by Coats.

The Camaro still utilizes a stock-style suspension set up, which will allow Jose to run multiple classes. He plans on running no-prep, as well as some of the radial races with a turbo change. The torque arm and just about every other piece under the car came from Racecraft and ties into the 9-inch rear axle. For safety, Jose fabbed up a 25.3 cage that will match the speeds and e.t. that this car will be capable of achieving.

Overall, it’s hard to make a car stand out at SEMA when there are thousands of vehicles on display. Jose and the team at Speed Lab Creations did a stellar job, and we expect it to be as fast as it looks.

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