The MSD Pro 600 And Davis Technologies Profiler

The MSD Pro 600 And Davis Technologies Profiler

Davis Technologies elevated the level of performance possible in high-horsepower drag racing when it introduced the Profiler. Racers all over the world use the Profiler for more than just traction control –mthey take advantage of its multiple control features to run virtually the entire racecar. The Profiler is now fully compatible with MSD’s new Pro 600 CDI ignition, creating a powerful way to control ignition in a variety of applications.

MSD created the Pro 600 CDI 8-channel captive discharge ignition system to be its solution for those who want to use a coil-near-plug style ignition. The Profiler works with the Pro 600 as it reads the crank trigger signal to function as the ignition control system for the vehicle.

Shannon Davis, the owner of Davis Technologies, worked with MSD to make both products compatible since there are so many cars that use the Profiler. When both units are used, the Profiler controls the ignition, while the Pro 600 provides the spark. That means there are fewer electronic devices to wire in since the Profiler is handling the timing curves, the rev limiter, the two-step, and other parameters as the ignition controller. There are also plans to have individual cylinder timing added as an option to the Profiler to use with the Pro 600 soon.

Pairing these two products together will give racers increased control over their ignition system. Davis explains why racers might want to consider converting from a distributor or magneto to the Pro 600/Profiler combination.

“Coil-on-plug technology has really come a long way and benefits racers in so many ways…that’s where the Pro 600 shines. It provides more spark energy and is a more modular ignition system versus a magneto setup. That modular setup is nice because if there is a problem you’re not swapping out an expensive mag coil and spark box and hoping for the best. With coil-on-plug, you can see if there’s a specific cylinder having an issue and isolate it to find the problem. That allows you to just change the individual oil, the plug wire, or spark plug to solve any issues rather than replacing more expensive parts. The Profiler makes the perfect match to the Pro 600 as a way to get the most out of your ignition system.”

You can learn more about the MSD Pro 600 here and the Davis Technologies Profiler right here.

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