Trick Flow’s New SBC, LSX, And Mopar Products

Trick Flow's New SBC, LSX, And Mopar Products

Trick Flow Specialties debuted some great new parts at SEMA 2019 as it introduced several new sets of cylinder heads and intake manifolds. These new top-end parts will help your small block Chevy, LSX, or big block Mopar engine makes even more horsepower with updated designs from Trick Flow.

Small block Chevy cylinder heads are a staple for Trick Flow and its new DHC cylinder head with competition ported runners is the next evolution for this iconic engine platform. These heads are a new version of the 175cc as-cast heads that resembled the classic double hump cylinder heads. Trick Flow’s new version of these heads measures 200cc’s in size with a larger 2.05 intake valve. The heads flow 290cc’s at .700 lift and come fully assembled with ARP studs.

Keeping with the small block Chevy theme Trick Flow also introduced its new R-Series intake manifold. This intake features a high rise single plane design with a 3,500-7,500 RPM power range. The R-Series intake is a perfect match for Trick Flow’s 230cc CNC ported heads and uses a 4500 style carburetor.

Eddie Pinegar from Trick Flow talks about the new LS3 heads that are set to be released for those who like to have modern muscle power under the hood.

“We had an older version of these heads that was an all-around unit but people started using it for power-adder applications so we decided to revise it. This 280cc version of the head has CNC porting and is a HIP head so it’s way stronger than your typical cast cylinder head. It was totally redesigned on the port work and it has upgraded valves rather than our standard so this will work great for power-adder builds.”

Rounding out Trick Flow’s new offerings is something for the Mopar crowd with the R-Series intake manifold for big-block Mopar engines. This intake is set up to work with Trick Flow’s 270cc Mopar heads and use a 4500 flange carburetor. The Mopar R-Series intake is designed to have an optimal powerband between 3,500 and 7,500 RPM.

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