Wild Top End Crash At H-Town Throw Down Street Race

Wild Top End Crash At H-Town Throw Down Street Race

It doesn’t matter what kind of racing you do and at what level you’re doing it at, there’s no reason to neglect the safety gear in your car, because there’s no way to know when you’ll need it, and having it in place could be the difference between life or death. Adam Pennington and Todd Harper learned how valuable safety gear really is when they were both involved in a horrific high-speed crash during the recent H-Town Throw Down Trick Or Street event.

Driving a high-powered car on a surface with little or no prep is a challenge that some racers love to tackle. No-prep racing at the track can trace its roots back to street racing, and it has been going on for as long assd there have been automobiles. These days, there are events like the H-Town Throw Down Trick Or Street race that attempt to make this style of racing safer by closing off a public road and working with local governments to ensure safety precautions have been made and there are first-responders on hand.

In this video from the Limpy YouTube channel, you see Pennington, in the Camaro, and Harper in the Malibu, square off in the Street Class category. Both cars were on a clean pass until Harper’s car got close to the curb and that upset the chassis. As Harper’s car began to bounce around it struck the curb and shot across the street, smashing into the passenger side of Pennington’s Camaro, sending Harper into a violent series of barrel rolls and Pennington into a telephone pole at a high rate of speed. Thankfully, all of Harper and Pennington’s safety gear did its job and they were able to survive this frightening crash.

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