One of the more interactive booths at the PRI Show could be found at Aeromotive as the company not only featured their latest products and services, but had interactive displays that drew hundreds to push buttons and watch the products in action.

“Frankly, there are guys over there having more fun playing with the pumps than they would be driving the car that the pump is fueling,” said Kyle Fickler, Director of Business Development at Aeromotive. “It is an interactive display where guys can get in there and get immersed in the technology and it really brings it all to life.”

That display, which had lines of people waiting to watch and learn more about, is the new 7 gallon-per-minute and 10 gallon-per-minute true variable speed brushless fuel pumps, along with the 5 gallon-per-minute pump which was named the Best Product at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November.

Aeromotive’s new True Variable Speed Brushless In-Line 5.0 Spur Gear Pump is a 5 gallon-per-minute fuel pump that offers low amp draw, excellent heat dissipation and high-pressure capabilities. The new, preinstalled TVS Controller further increases the service life and efficiency of the pump by monitoring engine load and decreasing the fuel pump speed during low-demand periods, which it does by reading the 0-5-volt analog DC signal from the vehicle’s Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). When the TPS signal is below 2.7 volts, the controller reduces the pump speed and current draw, resulting in less heat generated from the pump and electric motor.

The larger fuel pumps, inspired by the 5 gallon-per-minute fuel pump, Fickler said that immediately after introducing the product, the company was immediately challenged to push the bar even further.

Aiming to satisfy the more powerful street and strip applications, the Lenexa, Kansas-based company developed the larger 7.5 and 10-gallon-per-minute versions of its electric, variable-speed, Brushless Stealth fuel pumps, building upon the existing 3.5 and 5-gallon-per-minute Brushless Stealth pumps.

“Honestly, last year when we brought out the 5 gallon-per-minute, the second guy in line said, ‘five is cute, but I need a seven,’” Fickler said. “So, here we are. The 10 gallon-per-minute brushless pump has been the star of the show. That is a lot of fuel no matter what you are doing. It is 10 gallon-per-minute at roughly 100 PSI, with a 60 PSI base and whatever amount of boost.

“We are talking in the neighborhood of almost 5,000 horsepower forced induction on gas and 3,400 on E85 and that is an awful lot of horsepower. What we are doing is there is a spur gear-style pump powered by our brushless true variable speed motor. What we are able to do with the two variable speeds is match pump output to engine demand. How we do that is we tie in a 0-5 volt analog output. The one that is most obvious is TPS, so we allow TPS to drive the pump and in doing so we can slow the pump down to about 30 percent of max output. We are demonstrating that here and we actually have a throttle body and you can hear the pump RPM change with the engine RPM.”

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