The theme at a lot of the booths at the 2019 PRI Trade Show has been collaboration and partnerships.

A lot of companies, racers and teams announced unique alliances and partnerships to help better grow their race teams and businesses and one of those highlighted at the show was that of Boninfante and Pro Torque.

With the beautiful Fireball Camaro from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws that just won the No-Prep Kings series on display in the booth, Joseph Rivera of Pro Torque highlighted the partnership between his company and Boninfante to create the best products available to the racing public.

“I have been working with Rob Boninfante for probably about 10 years. He does a lot of manufacturing for us and he helped me develop the EV1 and some of the other parts we have developed,” Rivera said. “There is not a better manufacturer in the world to work with. Nobody with a better top down legitimacy than guys that work on apex automotive technology. Nobody is making more power than Top Fuel cars and Rob makes parts for all of that. We’ve been really good friends and I’ve helped him develop flex plates and we have been doing business for a bunch of years.

“At PRI, we were doing some things we have never done before, including selling products cooperatively. If you buy a Pro Torque converter here at the show, we’ll get you a price or a discount, or in some cases free, Boninfante flex plate, which is the first time we’ve done any kind of special offer.

“In addition, Rob and I are developing a bunch of new products and product lines and we are going to continue to work together on new stuff.”

Rivera said that a need from the racing community for better technology and higher safety standards led to the partnership that allows the two companies to share resources and technology.

“A lot of customers have a need for the technology and the safety that Top Fuel cars have and partnering with Rob and working with them cooperatively, we are able to get some really good parts in the hands of the masses,” Rivera said. “It is a lot of the reason we are partnering up.”

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