Bret Meyer’s Supercharged 1969 Outlaw 10.5 Mustang

Bret Meyer's Supercharged 1969 Outlaw 10.5 Mustang

One of the best things about drag racing is how easy it is to make friends at the track and how those relationships really can have deep roots. Colorado racer Bret Meyer has built some great friendships that are based around the sport, and one of those connections helped turn his 1969 Mustang into a 7-second muscle car.

Growing up, Bret’s older neighbor Dave Kerr was the first person to introduce him to drag racing. The pair would go to Bandimere Speedway nearly every weekend, thanks to Dave’s friends who worked at the track and provided them with tickets.

Seeing just how awesome the sport of drag racing was lit a fire inside Bret, and he vowed to start racing himself when he could afford it. In 2007 Bret started scanning the internet for a Ford Fairlane he could race, but after an eight month search, he came up empty of one that fell within his allotted budget.

Just when Bret was starting to lose hope a 1969 Fastback Mustang caught his attention that was within his budget. After talking with the seller to get as much information as he could Bret decided to pull the trigger and purchase the car. With that he hitched up his trailer and drove to Texas to complete the deal.

“The car came with a 514 cubic-inch big-block Ford engine and TH400 transmission when I purchased it. When I brought the car home and really checked it over I started to find a few issues here and there. I started the car on my youngest daughter’s first birthday for all my friends and sent a rod through the block. I got screwed the whole way around because I also found out the transmission was junk, too, so basically I bought a used chassis and body for $13,000,” Bret says.

After saving some money he built a 557 cubic-inch big block Ford and purchased a used Powerglide transmission so he could finally race his Mustang. Bret attended the All Ford Day at Bandimere Speedway after some testing and happened to pit next to Mike Glickman at the event.

The first thing that caught Bret’s eye was Mike’s beautiful ’64 Fairlane, and after striking up a conversation with Mike, he learned that he had built the car himself at home. Bret was having some issues with his Mustang twisting the chassis off the line so he asked Mike to watch the car run and see if he had any ideas on how to correct the problem. It only took one pass for Mike to realize the car needed an anti-roll bar, so Bret ordered the parts and Mike agreed to get everything installed.

“Mike lived less than a mile from me and he said it wouldn’t be a problem to install the anti-roll bar as a side job, since he did chassis work in his free time. I dropped the car off and Mike called me about four hours later to tell me there was a major problem: three of the heim joints fell apart when he started to disassemble the suspension to install the anti-roll bar. He ended up putting new ladder bars under the car along with the anti-roll bar, and I raced the car for a year without any issues,” Bret says.

Bret and Mike became great friends as they began racing together regularly. Mike noticed that Bret didn’t fit in the Mustang very well so he suggested it would be a good idea to redo the car for improved safety. Bret followed Mike’s suggestion and along the way had some other improvements made so the car would be ready if he ever wanted to go faster. Those upgrades were a good idea, because eventually Bret stuffed an 815 cubic-inch big-block Ford HEMI into this Mustang and ran a best of 7.84 at 179 mph — a respectable time for the tough atmospheric conditions at Bandimere.

Running in the 7-second zone was exciting for Bret, however, the cost of keeping the big Ford engine going was very expensive. One of the things he has always loved since he was young is the sound and raw power of supercharged engines, so he decided it was time to get one of his own.. Bret tasked Mike with making a 526 cubic-inch Brad Anderson HEMI and 14-71 Kobelco supercharger fit between the fenders of the Mustang, and Mike delivered once again. When the 2020 racing season rolls around Bret hopes to compete in the PSCA Outlaw 10.5 class and do some Quick 16 racing at Bandimere Speedway.

Bret couldn’t be happier with how his Mustang turned out, and it’s all thanks to his good friend, Mike.

“Mike does a lot for the Colorado racing community and he’s a real ‘salt of the Earth’ kind of guy. He guy helps out so many people and always puts his racecar on the back-burner to get my car and others done. It is nice to work with someone that will take the time to teach as he builds and explain the reasons some options are better than others,” Bret says.

Racing has provided Bret Meyer with some amazing friendships and allowed him to have a lot of fun over the years. With the help of Mike Glickman, Bret can head to the race track every weekend and enjoy time with his racing family behind the wheel of his now supercharged Mustang.

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