Brodix Brings Out Budget Cast-Iron Big-Block Chevy Blocks

Brodix Brings Out Budget Cast-Iron Big-Block Chevy Blocks

Brodix has long been a name associated with high-end performance. Now, they are developing products that won’t break the bank, while still providing American-made performance products that will hold up to hard use, but without all the bells and whistles associated with the higher-end options.

“We have a big-block Chevrolet cast-iron block made out of a good-quality iron, in the USA,” says Brodix’ Jeff Brotherton. “The big-block Chevrolet block is available in standard cam location only, but is available in 4.250-inch, 4.500-inch, or 4.600-inch bore sizes — all of which feature Siamese bores — as well as in 9.800-inch and 10.200-inch deck heights.” The 10.200-inch deck height block has been designed to clear a 4.750-inch stroke with steel rods, while the shorter 9.800-inch deck block will clear a 4.500-inch stroke with steel rods.

Other than the bore-diameter and deck-height options, there is only one other option available on the Brodix blocks. “It comes machined for .842-inch lifters, with the option of having the lifter bores opened up for .903-inch lifters,” says Brotherton. “Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward.”

Beyond the options, all of Brodix cast-iron BBC blocks come with a priority-main oiling system, nodular iron splayed four-bolt main caps, lugs for additional 10-degree head bolts in the deck and is machined for a two-piece rear main seal. While “improved” is good, the ability to use a lot of common, off-the-shelf big-block Chevy accessories was maintained.

“[The block] basically uses all standard BBC components,” Brotherton says. The designers specifically ensured the block would work with standard motor mounts, starter, clutch linkage, fuel pump, timing set, and oil pan. It also works with standard Mark IV head gasket designs.

Brodix is aiming at these blocks right square at the budget racer who wants a rugged, affordable block that’s made in the USA, and will benefit from the upgraded features, but doesn’t necessarily need something totally aftermarket. “This is just a good quality, ‘all-around’ iron block,” concludes Brotherton.

The Brodix cast-iron block is available in 4.250-inch and 4.500-inch bores, with a maximum bore size of 4.600 inches. The block comes standard with a .842-inch lifter bore, but is offered with an optional .903-inch bore.

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