Brodix IK-Series Heads Combine Performance And Price

Brodix IK-Series Heads Combine Performance And Price

For a long time, quality aluminum heads involved a significant monetary investment. However, Brodix decided to bridge the price gap between iron heads and aftermarket aluminum heads with the IK-Series cylinder heads.

The IK-series is a 23-degree small-block Chevrolet cylinder head, available in several versions: a cast 180cc intake runner and a 200cc intake runner, both designed to perform with a variety of engine combinations in the as-cast configuration. Then, Brodix also offers a 210cc runner variant called the “Wild Thing,” which is CNC ported.

“The full line of IK-series heads all take standard components,” says Jeff Brotherton of Brodix. “It accepts standard intake manifolds and has standard exhaust ports, so it takes standard small-block Chevy exhaust manifolds, along with standard valve covers. They are basically a replacement for a cast iron head.”

The IK-series heads are all cast from virgin A356 aluminum alloy, come fitted with phosphorous-bronze valve guides and valve seats designed for use with unleaded pump gas. The ends of the heads have been milled flat, drilled, and tapped for accessories and come with a straight spark plug angle.

There is one other option on the heads to help match the various intake runner volumes, and that’s combustion chamber size – with both 64cc and 70cc volumes available to adjust compression ratio to suit the fuel being used. The 180cc variant flows a peak of 245cfm, while the 200cc heads will move 261cfm. Moving up to the fully ported 210cc heads, intake port flow jumps to 284cfm at .600-inch of valve lift.

The heads all come assembled, the 180cc and 200cc versions getting 2.02-inch intake and 1.600 exhaust valves, while the 210s get a 2.08-inch intake and a slightly longer 1.600-inch exhaust valve. The valvesprings on the 180 and 200cc versions are capable of supporting .525-inch of valve lift in a hydraulic flat-tappet application or .575-inch in a hydraulic roller application.

Moving to the 210cc variant, there is an option for a spring that will work with a .600-inch-lift mechanical flat-tappet cam and one that will work with a .700-inch solid roller. The 180cc and 200cc heads come with 7-degree steel retainer and locks, while the 210cc IK heads get 10-degree hardware, along with 7/16-inch rocker studs, up from 3/8-inch in the 180/200cc models.

Regardless of which variant of the IK-series cylinder heads you opt for, you know that you are getting a solid performing set of heads at a price that feels almost too good to be true.

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