Callies Compstar Crankshaft Now Available For Gen-III HEMI

Callies Compstar Crankshaft Now Available For Gen-III HEMI

When it comes to high-end crankshafts, Callies Performance Products is a name well known for everything from custom billet crankshafts capable of handling 3,000-plus horsepower to high-precision forged crankshafts that offer high-end features without the hit to your wallet. That line of crankshafts is called Compstar, and new for 2019, Callies has addressed the Gen-III HEMI market.

Callies Vice President Heath Norton explains, “What we did with our Compstar crankshafts for our Gen-III HEMI line was add two counterweights,” he says. “We also strengthened up some of the pin arms to really offer a stable, strong, budget-minded crank for the Gen-III HEMI market.”

Forged from 4340 steel, Callies uses magnetic particle inspection on each forging before performing all of the finish-sizing, final polishing, and quality control checks in-house. “We’re really excited about the Gen-III HEMI platform. It’s one of our newest offerings right now, and we have four or five different strokes in inventory,” Norton says.

Extra counterweights in the Callies Compstar Gen-III HEMI crankshaft offer smoother high-RPM performance and decreased crank flex when being run hard.

In addition to the five stroke-lengths, ranging from 3.800 inches to 4.200 inches, the Gen-III HEMI crankshaft is manufactured with rod journals sized to standard 2.100-inch small-block Chevy diameter and width, for ease of connecting-rod selection. The counterweights have also been profiled to use the common 6.125-inch rod-length. Each crank snout also comes double-keyed to securely locate supercharger drive pulleys.

In addition to the Compstar line of crankshafts, Callies has also gotten into the business of Gen-III HEMI accessories. “One of the things we have is a billet reluctor wheel to go with the cranks,” says Norton. The reluctor wheels come preinstalled on each Compstar crank, making the life of the engine builder a little easier. “We are working on some other products to support the Gen–III HEMI market, as well.”

Included with every Gen-III HEMI Compstar crankshaft is a billet reluctor wheel, made in-house at Callies. The wheel comes preinstalled, making the assembly that much easier.

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