One of the busiest booths at the PRI Trade Show is always that of Holley Performance Products.

And that was once again the case at the 2019 show.

With the popular Pro Modified of 2019 NHRA Pro Mod champion Stevie “Fast” Jackson in the booth, fans and race industry professionals stopped in to see the latest at Holley, highlighted by a feature on the innovative MSD Pro 600 CDI, an innovative eight-channel capacitive-discharge ignition developed specifically for high-horsepower applications with extreme cylinder pressure and coil-near-plug engine-management systems.

Compatible with Holley EFI, GM LS platforms, and virtually any EFI setup, it’s perfect for the high cylinder pressure developed by supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous engines.

“For our PRI booth this year we wanted to celebrate Stevie ‘Fast’ Jackson’s 2019 Pro Mod championship. He did that with our MSD Pro 600, so we had his Bahrain 1 vehicle loaded into our booth this year, so we appreciate him for allowing us that vehicle and making it available to us,” said Blane Burnett, Holley Advertising and PR Supervisor. “We’ve got the MSD Pro 600 box illuminated (in the car). Also, the grid is mounted behind it from MSD so it is fantastic to have that in the booth and show people just what our products are capable of.”

In addition, Holley showcased several budget-friendly standalone EFI systems and other highlights in their booth for racers.

“Our Terminator X and Terminator X Max kits are a budget-friendly, economically priced standalone EFI system. Previously, they were only available for GM LS and in Ford 5-liter and MPFI applications. Now, just this week, we released them for Chrysler Gen 3 Hemi and we also expanded the Ford support to mod motor and coyote. That offers a lot of options for guys that are building really cool engines,” Burnett said. “Beyond that we’ve got a number of products that are racing centric from our myriad of brands. Over in the Holley EFI booth it is really stacked. We’ve got a new display for the MSD Pro 600. It is the most powerful ignition system on the market right now. It can handle up to 680 millijoules of spark energy and it can do 600 of that continuously. It is really perfect for cars that are making 2,500-3,000 horsepower and really need that amount of spark energy. And it can also have lower settings as well if you are driving it normally.

“We also have some new gauge options for people with Holley EFI. We’ve got a 6.86-inch dash that uses our 12.3-inch dash capacitive-type technology so it is like a cell phone. You can just use your finger and swipe. You don’t have to use a stylus anymore or worry about any type of glare situations. It is an exciting time at Holley right now.

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