Control Boost With Precision’s New 66mm Wastegate

Control Boost With Precision's New 66mm Wastegate

Forced induction has become the power-adder of choice for many in the high-performance world, but you can’t just let all of that boosted air run wild into your engine. Precision Turbo & Engine has a great solution to help govern boost with its new 66mm CO2-controlled wastegate that’s perfect for high-horsepower applications.

When Precision decided to revamp its 66mm wastegate, the goal was to create a product that would be durable enough to deal with the most extreme boosted engine packages. To address this goal, the new Precision wastegate doesn’t use a diaphragm, and it still can be operated by using CO2. The double O-ring piston is designed to withstand internal pressures of nearly 200 psi.

Reggie Wynn from Precision adds some additional details about the new 66mm wastegate.

“Typically, when you’re running a lot of CO2, you’ll run into potential issues with the diaphragm that will cause it to fail. But, since this wastegate doesn’t have one, it won’t have those [issues]. This unit will mount in our existing 66mm flange, so if you have an older wastegate, it’s going to be an easy switch. This wastegate is great for an engine application that’s making over 1,000 horsepower and requires a lot of CO2 to function.”

The 66mm CO2-controlled wastegate is ready to ship right now from Precision Turbo & Engine. You can learn more about the wastegate or purchase it online right here on the Precision website.

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