CP-Carillo Debuts Two New Connecting Rod Materials

CP-Carillo Debuts Two New Connecting Rod Materials

For a long time, the “standard” material for connecting rods has been 4340 steel. However, CP-Carrillo has never been one for accepting “standard” for too long. To that end, their material science engineers have developed two new proprietary alloys for their connecting rods.

“We have two new materials,” says Richard Batchelor, Connecting Rod Sales Manager for CP-Carrillo “The first one is called CPC 1350. It’s about 22-percent stronger than our standard material, which allows us to reduce the cross-section of the rods, and reduce the weight of the rod, while maintaining — or even slightly increasing strength.”

According to Batchelor, connecting rods made from the new CPC 1350 material is going to be aimed at the mid-level connecting rod market. “Mainly rods for dirt late model and sprint car types of racing,” he says.

The second new material in CP-Carrillo’s arsenal is dubbed CPC 1850. “The 1850 material is about 44-percent stronger than the standard rod material,” Batchelor says. “Again, that allows us to reduce cross-sectional areas even more. The weight savings isn’t linear, so it’s not going to be a 22- or 44-percent weight savings. It might be half of that.”

Batchelor says rods in the 1850 will be marketed towards high-end drag racing and road race type applications. In addition to reducing weight, the new materials will offer several other advantages.

“We’ll be able to get tighter clearances to the camshaft, cylinders and pan rails, depending on the application,” reveals Batchelor. “The rods will be a little stiffer on the big end, because of the strength of the material. The housings will stay a little bit rounder and will maintain shape better, longer.”

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