Crower Shaft-Mounted LS Rockers For CID Heads

Crower Shaft-Mounted LS Rockers For CID Heads

Crower has been at the top of the performance game since the 1950s and continues to be an industry leader. They specialize in everything from camshafts, lifters, valvetrain, connecting rods, crankshafts, and even clutches. One product that the company continually expands is its line of shaft rocker systems for the latest and greatest cylinder heads hitting the market. For this year’s PRI show, Crower introduced a new rocker system for the Competition Induction Designs‘ (CID) Aluminum LS head.

Crower’s new LS rocker for the CDI head has its own shaft, giving it extra strength.

We spoke with Crower Production Manager, Don Flanagan, to get the latest details on this new product for the LS engine. Don said, “Our latest shaft rocker design is for the Competition Induction Designs LS cylinder head. CID makes two versions of this head, the 4.185 bore, and the 4.165 bore. What we’ve done is angled the intake rocker to take some of the offset out. Removing the offset makes the rocker, as light as possible.” In the pictures, you can also see there is not one continual shaft running through all of the rockers. Don explains, “We made one bracket, and every rocker has its own shaft, giving it extra strength.”

Crower also had some cool LS valve covers on display at this year’s​ show.

The rocker assemblies are offered in three different materials:  Stainless steel, billet aluminum, and Crower’s latest addition, steel billet. The steel billet rocker arm is designed for extreme spring pressure applications. Don also told us that all of Crower’s rockers are now offered with a roller tip with needle bearings and is made out of tool steel.

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