Engine Pro’s Nitro Black Valves

Engine Pro's Nitro Black Valves

The valves inside an engine are the gatekeepers for oxygen and fuel that enter the cylinders; they’re also in charge of making sure exhaust gasses are expelled properly. Keeping the valves protected so they can do their job is important and is usually done with a special coating, but Engine Pro takes that a step further with its Nitro Black nitriding metal treatment process.

Most intake valves have a dry-film applied to the stem that assist in providing protection from friction and damage. The coatings also help keep carbon build-up to a minimum on the backside of the valve. But exhaust valves live a harder life than the intake valve, since they’re exposed to the scorching heat of the combustion process more as they open. These valves require a thermal coating on their faces to help them survive, plus they need a dry-film coating on the stem just like the intake valves.

Engine Pro’s Nitro Black nitriding process goes beyond just putting a coating on the valve — it’s a metal treatment process that provides even more benefits to the valve. Dave Sutton from Engine Pro explains more on how nitrided valves can provide better overall performance.

“The proprietary five-step process used to nitride our valves penetrates the material and improves the entire valve. The enhanced ductility means the valve is less likely to break and the hard magnetite outer layer reduces the chance of crack formation. The valve stems are three times smoother than a chromed stem, reducing wear, improving stem-to-guide efficiency, and causing less drag. The valves are more resistant to corrosion and deposit buildup caused by exotic fuels after the nitride process. Because of their strength and corrosion resistance, these are great valves for nitrous or mildly boosted applications.”

Check out the Engine Pro website right here to learn more about the Nitro Black valves and what advantages they offer.

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