Forgeline Releases New Beadlock Drag Wheels

Forgeline Releases New Beadlock Drag Wheels

Though Forgeline‘s specialty has always been road racing, over the last few years, the company’s been barraged with requests from high-end drag racers to build something to suit their needs. For drivers who want an eye-catching wheel to suit their upscale taste, these fit the bill for those geared towards the 1/2- to full-mile races (though they’ll do just fine for 1/4-milers, too!).

Of course, designing a stylish wheel is one thing — making a wheel that can withstand the forces imparted on it by a 1,000-horsepower car at 200 mph is something else entirely. Undaunted, Forgeline‘s experience through decades of racing ensured them they could.

Forgeline’s new monoblock Beadlock wheels are sure to make a statement for anyone wanting to run high in the mile-per-hour range.

Stronger, Better, Lighter

Like Forgeline’s road racing wheels, its monoblock drag wheels are made from full-6061-proprietary aluminum — roughly 25-percent lighter and stiffer than its rivals. This is key to saving weight; each 18X10-inch wheel is roughly four-pounds lighter than those of a competitor.

There are more advantages to the monoblock design. Without any welds, which are porous to an extent, there’s no chance of these wheels leaking air. Their construction also makes them sturdy enough for street driving; they’re robust enough to take potholes and still run frightening speeds safely at the 1/2-mile.

Without porous welds binding the pieces together, these Forgeline wheels will not leak air.

Customization is Key

Reduced weight and added strength is only one appealing aspect of these beauties. In addition to having a broad catalog of different styles, Forgeline aims to accommodate clients with any color, any offset, and any bolt pattern. Totally customizable, these wheels are intended to complement a wide array of cars and preferences — another trait that separates Forgeline from the rest.

While most of the competition’s wheels are only available in black and silver, Forgeline offers basically any color your heart desires.

For the Hardest of the Hard

To address the needs of the most hardcore drag racers, Forgeline is also offering skinny front wheels in 18×5 and 17×4 inches. Despite its narrowness, the 18-inch wheel will still clear some of the biggest binders in the business; even the C7 ZR1 Carbon brakes will fit — snugly, but they’ll fit.

The really serious drag racers, the slightly deranged type who likes to run regularly over 200 mph, are aware of the tendency for the tire to lose its seat due to the immense centrifugal force at high speeds. “That can pull the bead right off,” warns David Schardt, Forgeline’s owner. Fortunately, these wheels feature a Beadlock for a little safety and reassurance, even below 200 miles per hour.

With a virtually limitless array of colors and bolt patterns, the hardcore drag racer can now match the Beadlock to their livery.

With all of the possible configurations available, a diehard drag racer could spend an entire weekend looking for the right wheels for his machine. It sounds like a weekend well spent. You can now go to Forgeline to find your next drag racing wheel.

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