FST Carburetors Introduces The 1450 CFM Billet Excess Pro

FST Carburetors Introduces The 1450 CFM Billet Excess Pro

Carburetors, like many things, have come a long way over the years. What’s was once an archaic assembly for fuel distribution has quickly evolved into a CAD-designed billet aluminum work of art. FST Carburetors‘ new 1450 CFM Billet Excess Pro is a perfect example.

The Billet Excess Pro carburetor is designed to give the racer tons of adjustability possible through a precision air/fuel metering device. The unit comes with mechanical secondaries and sports a CNC-machined main body available from a standard 2.000 to 2.300-inch throttle bore. If you are looking for more flow, the Excess Pro can be custom-ordered up to a 2.400-inch throttle bore.

Each Billet Excess Pro carburetor comes with high-performance metering blocks, which offer six stages of emulsion for a superior range of tune-ability. The Pro metering blocks can also handle all of the current racing fuel selections, including methanol and ethanol. The carb also offers a Viper fuel bowl that is available in a two or three-port high-capacity design.

Scooter, Product Manager of FST Carburetors, told us that the Billet Excess Pro is designed for drag racing and that they will make a lot of power. When asked about some of the advantages of the Billet Excess Pro, Scooter said, “One of the advantages to this billet carburetor is that every hole is exact for precision metering. We have also designed a venturi that is different than anyone else’s and allowed us to pick up a lot of airspeed. It’s a raised runner that straightens out the air before it goes through the booster.”

If you are looking for a split designed carburetor, FST makes those as well. Instead of cutting a 4500 carburetor in half, they build a true two-barrel carb. This design allows the racer/engine builder to position the units over the runners and direct the fuel straight to them.

For more information on the 1450 CFM Billet Excess Pro Carburetor and other products from FST, be sure and check out their website.

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