Isky’s EZ-Roll Helix Lifters For Hemi, 481X Engines

Isky's EZ-Roll Helix Lifters For Hemi, 481X Engines

Isky Racing Cams has addressed the needs of high-horsepower drag racers at this year’s PRI Show with its new lifter offerings for the Hemi and 481X, both of which are the engine of choice for Pro Mod, Radial versus The World, Top Alcohol Dragster/Funny Car, and other categories.

These lifters have been redesigned and feature Isky’s new EZ-Roll Helix bushing — these are needle-free bushings featuring a proprietary alloy solid raceway bushing/bearing, and also sport its NRG-Spin anti-friction, rotational-assist technology, the Double-Helix DNA Oil Delivery System, and its Full Spectrum RPM-Guard Protection.

Both the Hemi and 481X lifters are rated to 1,500-pounds open pressure, up to 70 psi in boosted applications. Isky has already utilized the 481X lifter in concert with engine builder Steve Morris on his recently-debuted 481X-style engine program. Isky’s Nolan Jamora shares that these lifters will serve well in all of Steve Morris water-jacketed SMX blocks and will be running in Tom Bailey’s Drag Week-winning car.

At left is the oiling slot machined into the steel lifter body for the Hemi engine platform.

“The lifters are a blend of steel, but the bushings are a proprietary mix that allow us to have much higher pressures than other manufacturers.” Jamora comments.

The bushing itself provides 300-pounds more open pressure compared to Isky’s own previous offerings. The oiling capabilities have also been improved to extend performance and longevity — the Hemi, in particular, features a slot machined into the side of the lifter body to take greater advantage of the splash oiling and provided pressurized oiling to the wheel.

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