Joel Grannas Resets H-Pattern Record With 7.17 Pass

Joel Grannas Resets H-Pattern Record With 7.17 Pass

The H-Pattern stick shift record in the United States has been under assault for the entire 2019 racing season, and it has fallen yet again thanks to Joel Grannas and his Toyota Supra. During the Sport Compact Finals at Orlando Speed World Dragway, Grannas reset the record twice and now is knocking on the door of the 6-second zone.

At the World Cup Finals (WCF) Jonathan Adkins shocked the stick shift racing universe when he laid down a 7.30-second pass, resetting the record in the United States by over two full tenths. That same weekend, Grannas was working on sorting out his Supra and his new Black Magic Clutches unit and nearly reset his own personal best. The data that Grannas gathered at the WCF set the stage for his big performance during the Sport Compact Finals.

The Supra that Grannas pilots was built by Precision Chassis to a 25.3 SFI specification so he could be a safe as possible when he’s banging gears at the track. Under the hood is a Bullet Race Engineering Billet 2JZ engine that uses a 98mm Precision Turbo & Engine snail to generate 1,800 horsepower with 60-pounds of boost. Chris Delgado tunes the MoTeC M1 ECU that controls the Supra’s engine functions. Behind the engine is a faceplated Grannas Racing GR1000F transmission that sends power to a Driveshaft Shop 9-inch rearend.

Grannas’ first record run of the weekend was a 7.256-second pass at 200.92 mph with a 1.168 60-foot time; this was more than enough to eclipse Adkins’ record, but he wasn’t done yet. The following day Grannas smashed his own record with a 7.178-second lick at 205.35 mph and a 1.212 60-foot time. Check out both of these videos and watch Grannas wrestle his Supra down the track and into the record books.

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