King Engine Bearings Expands Its Coated Bearing Lineup

King Engine Bearings Expands Its Coated Bearing Lineup

Engine bearings are a key component to a smooth-running and solid-performing engine. However, with advances in materials in the past few years, engine bearings have gone from being sacrificial components to active defenders in the event of oil starvation.

While you might immediately think “less friction” when you hear the term “coated bearings” King Engine Bearings has developed its pMaxKote nano-composite polymer coating to be so much more than just a slicker bearing.

“The King Engine Bearings line of coatings are a new addition to the bearing line, designed to provide excellent wear resistance, seizure resistance, and also protect against bearing cavitation,” says Ron Sledge, performance and technical manager for King Engine Bearings.

“Oil starvation is a major concern. If the engine ever has any issue with the oiling system, the coated bearings always survive the event a lot better than uncoated ones,” Sledge explains. In addition to protection in a less-than-ideal scenario for the engine, the coating offers more protection in normal operating conditions. “We have done tests and seen that the wear is significantly less with the coated bearings over uncoated bearings, under the same test conditions,” Sledge says.

The application list for the pMaxKote is ever-expanding to match the company’s application coverage for Kings pMaxBlack performance bearing. “We’re adding applications every month. We’ve focused on the more popular stuff to start with; all the Chevys, all the Fords, Chryslers, and so on. We’ve even come out with some sport compact coated bearing coverage – we’ve gotten many of our lineup in coated versions now, too.”

The pMaxKote polymer coating isn’t just for main bearings, either, with part numbers on the application list for both main bearings and rod bearings, in standard sizes, as well as undersize and oversize options, there is likely a King Engine Bearings pMaxKote bearing for your applications, ready to give you a long service life and extra protection in case of oil starvation.

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