Livernois Cylinder Heads Ready To Make HEMI Horsepower

Livernois Cylinder Heads Ready To Make HEMI Horsepower

Hellcat and Trackhawk owners looking to make some serious HEMI horsepower can rejoice because Livernois Motorsports & Engineering has a cylinder head solution for you. Livernois can take a set of factory 6.2-liter heads and work them over to flow some impressive numbers so your HEMI can breathe deep.

Starting with a factory casting cylinder head Livernois ports the intake, exhaust, and combustion chambers to improve the flow numbers of the heads. After Livernois has worked its magic on the intake side the flow numbers improve to just over 400 CFM and over 280 CFM on the exhaust side. 

Tom Millen from Livernois breaks down the details of these 6.2-liter heads and how you can get your hands on a set.

“These heads use our proprietary retainer and valve spring that’s only made for us. You can purchase the heads outright, or send your heads in for us to machine and assemble them with all the parts for you. These heads are a direct bolt-on part and ready to go so you don’t have to do anything additional to make them work with your combination. We also sell a complete package so you can get a camshaft and pushrods that work with the heads.

Learn more about Livernois Motorsports & Engineering’s Hellcat and Trackhawk cylinder heads right here.

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