LS4 King Front-Wheel-Drive Drag Race Challenge

LS4 King Front-Wheel-Drive Drag Race Challenge

The LS4 is an engine that is typically left out of the LS-swap conversation. While the 5.3-liter power plant can house just about all of the high-performance upgrades, it does have one problem in most people’s eyes. This unit will only bolt up to an front-wheel-drive (FWD) transmission. If you do manage to get an adapter for a rear-wheel-drive transmission, the block lacks provisions for a starter, causing more engineering problems. However, these engines are robust, and guys like Brandon Furches of Furches Performance have built some awesome cars using the LS4. And with that thought, Brandon decided to host an LS4 FWD challenge which is already picking up steam.

Photos by: Dave Nutting

The LS4 King FWD Challenge:

This challenge is a unique opportunity for LS4 fans across the country to compete for a chance to win a cash prize at their own pace. The competitors will have from January 1st 2020 until December 25th of 2020 to complete their project, race down the 1/4-mile, submit a timeslip and video for verification of their best pass. You can submit as many time slips and videos through the course of the year, and LS4 King will maintain a rolling leader board of all contestants. The competitor with the quickest elapsed time will be awarded the first-place cash prize of $3,000, and the second-place competitor will receive $500.

LS4 King FWD Rules:

• The chassis used must be FWD utilizing a transaxle.

• The engine used must be a production LS4 engine block.

• Any transaxle, manual or automatic from any manufacture is permitted.

• No restriction on power adders or displacement. Multiple power adders are permitted.

• No restriction on tire size.

• No Tube Chassis Cars or 25.x Builds.

According to Brandon, “LS4 King created a community group on Facebook for competitors to share their builds, progress, and accomplishments. This group is called ‘The FWD Challenge.’”

This competition is off to a good start, and several companies have already jumped on board the program. These companies include Brian Tooley Racing, Bullseye Power Turbochargers, Monkey Fab GarageFragola, Engine Power Systems, and Scottie Wheels Racing.

For more information, you can visit or head on over to the facebook page.

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