New Rocker Arms For Trick-Flow BBC, SBF Heads From T&D

New Rocker Arms For Trick-Flow BBC, SBF Heads From T&D

T&D Machine has addressed the growing horsepower demands of its customers with new rocker options for Trick-Flow’s latest and greatest cylinder heads.

For the Trick-Flow Hi-Port small-block Ford head, T&D has evolved its shaft-mount rockers (P/N: 7323) to cope with increasing spring pressures and other attributes.

“Because the ratios are starting to increase, we went to a little longer rocker than we typically use. That way it clears a bigger spring and you get a higher ratio in it,” explains T&D’s Sales Manager Sheldon Miller.” We changed the offset a little bit so it’ll fit easier with short-decks and tall-decks, and fit a bigger pushrod.”

“This was an evolution of this product line — a result of what we’ve been seeing with the industry, with ratios and spring pressures going through the roof, pushrod diameters getting bigger, diameters of the spring getting bigger, so it’s something we had to do. Back when these heads first came out, everyone was running hydraulic rollers in their 5.0 Mustangs, but now it’s geared a little more toward the wild side — we’ve got turbo guys running these, so we needed to address it.”

The Hi-Port rocker set features a one-piece stand design that spans the length of the head and is intended for the Trick-Flow casting number TFS-3. This set will work with either the 5.160- or 5.300-inch long valve.

T&D has also made minute changes to its standard rocker set featuring a one-piece intake stand and individual exhaust stands for the Trick-Flow big-block Chevy heads (P/N: 3163). The exhaust stands on these bolt to the head and into the intake stand, and as Miller points out, the benefit there is that one can fine-tune geometry on both the intake and exhaust.

Miller adds, “There are a lot of people hung up right now on having a one-piece stand for both, but with that, you’re stuck on geometry. We’re very picky about valvetrain geometry, so we took a standard rocker set and just fined-tuned it a little and gave it its own part number for the big-block Chevy head,” Miller says.

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