New Steering Wheels, More From Chassis Engineering

New Steering Wheels, More From Chassis Engineering

Some of the best-selling products are often those intended to address a problem or a current shortcoming — sometimes items you didn’t even know you needed until you saw them. Chassis Engineering has made its name in due in part to developing parts that solve a problem or better what is already out there, in affordable, out-of-the-box packages, and it’s continued that trend here at the PRI Show.

Set the stand on the scale, zero it out, slide the bottle in, and go.

First, the company has built a clever stand to hold nitrous oxide bottles for filling — simply place the stand atop a scale, zero out the scale to account for the weight of the stand itself, slide the bottle down into the stand, and carry on about the filling process. No laying off the bottle horizontally across the scale, propping it up with your hand, or whatever other method you might use.

Second, it’s developed a new and improved drag-race steering wheel that follows the traditional and popular Grant wheel pattern.

“The wheels we got involved in because we had a lot of requests for them,” explains Chassis Engineering’s Clayton Murphy. “But we didn’t want to make them like everyone else…like flat wheels. So we made it so that it’s a dished wheel and can replace the Grant and it will land in the same location. It’s also a lot stronger having that bend in there — it doesn’t have that flexible feel that you often have with flat wheels.”

The wheels weigh just .09-pounds, and all of the button mounts — transbrake, line lock, etc. — are all pre-machined into the wheel center. Murphy notes: “you already bought a $150 wheel, I don’t want too charge you another $30 for a button mount to put on it.”

Chassis Engineering has made these available in natural, black, carbon-fiber wrap, and what began as a “spoof” finish featuring $100 bills that has, surprisingly enough, sold quite well, according to Murphy.

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